Pre-Prosthetic, Pre-Denture or Pre-Partial Surgery

When having several, or all teeth removed in preparation for a partial or complete denture, additional surgery is often needed to improve the fit and function of the new prosthesis. Removal of irregular or sharp bone and removal of excess gingival (gum) tissue, is often needed at the time of tooth extraction to create a comfortable foundation for the prosthesis to function. Understanding how a removable prosthesis or denture fits and functions, greatly improves the patient’s acceptance of that prosthesis.

It is also very important for patients to understand that with any new prosthesis placed at the time of surgery, that follow-up with the surgeon and their dentist will be needed to make adjustments to the prosthesis. It is also common for a denture to be relined by the dentist after initial healing has occurred.

Having realistic expectations of the final outcome, both from a functional and esthetic standpoint makes for a much better experience for the patient. A comprehensive evaluation and consultation with Dr. Mellin is very beneficial for patients who are transitioning from natural teeth to a new removable prosthesis.