Dental Implants

Dental implants have been utilized to replace missing teeth since the 1980’s. Over the past several years they have become the preferred option of patients to replace not only single teeth, but multiple teeth. Implants can often replace teeth and provide much better function that previous types of tooth replacement, i.e. bridges, partials and dentures. A patient should understand that implants cannot always be placed and that additional procedures such as bone grafting may be needed.

At OMS of Greeley, we have 20 years of experience placing dental implants. Understanding the surgical procedures, the limitations, and the expectations of what dental implants can do to improve your oral health is very important in the overall success and patient satisfaction. Dr. Mellin takes a more conservative approach to replacing missing teeth with implants than many of his local colleagues. Because of time and money invested in dental implants, he feels that the predictability, longevity, and patient satisfaction is greatly improved with a more conservative approach. See why a consult with Dr. Mellin is worthwhile to comprehensively understand the options you have to replace missing teeth and why one option may be a better choice for you.

Dr. Mellin works together with your restorative dentist to develop a treatment plan that provides you with the options that fit your needs. There are times when implants cannot be placed predictably and other options may be better. Under the best circumstances, there are implants that fail, having a teamwork approach allows patients to benefit from the experience and expertise of more than one doctor and the different disciplines that are involved with implants.