Cone Beam CT: A 3-D View

To get a better view of the anatomy of your face, mouth and teeth, we use a high-tech cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine in our office. This advanced X-ray technique provides the best details of your anatomy, including soft tissue and bone, allowing us to specialize treatment for improved outcomes.

How Does CBCT Work?

Unlike traditional 2-D X-rays, a CBCT machine rotates around the body, taking a large quantity of images using a cone-shaped X-ray beam which the computer then puts together to give us a three dimensional view of structures. This type of imaging gives us more information to work with when diagnosing, treating and preparing you for oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures such as dental implant placement and the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Time is often allowed so that Dr. Mellin can review the images in detail with the patient. Taking time to review and discuss findings allows for better patient understanding and treatment acceptance.